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Not everyone has an idea of what an executive rehab is and this is because, it is not really common. An executive rehab has the basic features of a rehab, but there are some peculiar features that it comes with.

The purpose of an executive rehab was to harbor people who are not like the average citizen of a town, state or country.

An executive rehab is meant for an influential person, an executive or a professional who has a prestige or name to protect. Of course we all do, but these set of persons serve as role models and mentors to other people in the society.

Hence, being addicted comes with a kind of stigma that they would not want to be associated with.

In an executive rehab, the treatment received is more streamlined and special compared to a conventional rehab. This is one of the reasons why the cost is on the high side, and it is the reason why it is for executives because not everyone can afford to foot the bill.

There are lots of things that would be taught at an executive rehab. The individuals would be taught how to manage stress because this is one of the features that constitutes to their personality.

People generally assume that executives are adept at handling stress but the truth is, a lot of them are struggling to make this happen.

In an executive rehab, the schedule is very flexible. This implies that they can come in for treatment anytime they are chanced. Since they pay hugely for this, they would always be attended to when they come around. The reason for this is to allow executives handle the tough demands of their professions.

Also, the process of monitoring executives is higher than the way other clients who go to conventional rehabs. An executive rehab is for a selected few, so the process of observation is quite more effective than regular rehab.

It is possible for an executive who is addicted to receive proper addiction treatment without those around him or her noticing it.  

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